Slaughter House

A. Slaughter men

1- Requirements for Selecting Halal Slaughter-men

  • According to the rules of our Islamic Organization the Slaughter men in order to be permitted to perform Halal slaughtering must be mature and sane Muslims and qualified in lawful Halal-Slaughtering.
  • They must also undergo periodical training on Halal Slaughtering according to Islamic law.

2- Responsibilities of Halal Slaughter men
The Slaughter men shall perform their work in accordance with the Islamic Law, and ensure that:

  • The slaughter tool “the Knife” used for slaughtering is sharp, clean (sterilized) and cuts by its sharp edge and not by its weight.

  • Slaughtering of animals is made from the front side of the neck (towards the chest), and not from one side or the back of the neck.

  • The slaughtering is carried out by cutting the animal’s trachea, esophagus and jugular veins without cutting the whole neck.

  • The God’s name is invoked on the animal to be slaughtered “In the Name of God and God is Great” (Bismillah wa Allah Akbar ).

  • Further processing of animal’s body is not allowed before the animal’s death.

B. Slaughtering Tools:
The slaughtering instrument should be sharp, a one edge instrument that cuts by its edge not by its weight, such as knives, swords, etc. The instrument cannot be a claw, tooth, nail or un-sharpened object.

C. Methods of Slaughter:
Hand Slaughter: In this method, the animal or bird is slaughtered by an instrument held directly by the slaughter-man’s hand. When an animal is slaughtered by an individual slaughter man, that individual must be well trained to cause no pain or suffering to the animal. This difficult task requires swiftness and strength. The person must be strong enough to assume the responsibilities associated with the task of slaughter.

D.Mechanical Slaughter:
Many Muslim countries now accept mechanically slaughtered birds. The machine is considered as a tool and is in the control of the slaughter man. The mechanical slaughtering machine and the process of slaughtering should be monitored by the appointed HICO supervisor/inspector. The mechanical knife must be a single sharp blade that produces a sharp cut on the front side of the bird’s neck. Any bird that misses the mechanical knife has to be slaughtered by hand.

E.Stunning: Stunning of animals/birds before slaughtering is intended to render the animals /birds less sensitive to pain, increase safety and efficiency at the plant and maximize bleed out of carcasses. Stunning is permissible as long as the animal/ bird does not die during the process of stunning. Stunning of animals and birds if necessary should be performed using a stunning method at a certain strength approved by the health and Islamic authorities.

F. Slaughtering
At the time of slaughter, the tasmiya and takbir: Bismillah Alllahu Akbar (by the name of God, the greatest) must be pronounced over the animals or birds by a trained, religiously-observant Muslim slaughter man. It is very important to treat animals humanely and reduce pain and suffering to the animal during slaughtering. The knife should cut the skin, trachea, esophagus and two major blood vessels to ensure thorough and quick bleeding of the animal. The spine of animal/bird should not be severed at the time of slaughter. There should be enough time for bleeding of animal/bird until the animal/bird dies completely before further processing.

G. Packaging & Labeling:
Unless the whole day slaughter is produced as Halal, carcasses and wogs must be properly marked and traced throughout evisceration, processing, packaging and storage so the Halal slaughtered meat does not mix with non-Halal. All packages and containers must be labeled with the proper information and HICO’s Halal label/logo and stored in specially identified storage areas for Halal products. Shipments of Halal meat should be accompanied with a Halal certificate issued by HICO.