• For human consumption, Halal gelatin can only be obtained from collagen obtained from bones and inner layer of beef hides of cattle that have been slaughtered in the name of Allah and according to Islamic Shari’ah.

  • All fish gelatin is considered Halal.

  • Gelatin or its precursor collagen is not found in plants. However, some plants contain protein, which has similar function as gelatin.

  • Some of vegetable sources that can substitute gelatin are:

    • Agar

    • Carrageenan

    • Pectin

    • Xanthan gum

    • Modified corn starch

    • Cellulose gum

Certification Criteria

  • Source of gelatin, either from bone or hide, must come from animals which are slaughtered by Muslims and according to Islamic practice.

  • These sources must be controlled and cannot be mixed with non-Halal sources.

  • List of bone/hide suppliers must be shown.

  • If the factory also produces non-gelatin, the process of gelatin must be separated starting from the beginning of the process to the end which are including;

    • Separate storage for raw materials and finished products from non-Halal

    • Separate transport for non-Halal

    • Bone/hides boiled in a separate pool from non-Halal

    • Separate processing line from non-Halal

  • However, for the Halal certification, items number 4 cannot be applied.