Standard Norms for Product Manufacturer

  • The company must handle, supervise and process Halal product only.

  • The contents of raw material, processed product or additives must be Halal.

  • The surrounding area must be clean and not be contaminated. Cleaning schedules must be proper and systematic.

  • During production process, tools must be properly organized and the place must be kept safe.

  • No third party contract except for Halal product only.

  • Packaging materials must not be made of substances which are considered as najis (filthy) by Islamic Laws and harmful to health;

  • Packaging process must be handled hygienically in a perfect sanitation condition.

  • Every packaging must be clearly printed for easy reading, long lasting and the following information must be included;

    • Name and/or product brand (as stated in Halal certificate)

    • Minimum content in metric.

    • List of ingredients

    • Name and address of manufacturer and / or distributor and trade mark.

    • Halal certification documents for third party ingredients if used in manufacturing.

  • The equipment used must be free from anything which is considered as najis (filthy) by Islamic Laws, not harmful and not making any side effect to the product.

  • The factory area must be fenced or the company may have a control system which can avoid animals from entering the premise.

Standard Norms for Food Premises

The followings items must be given attention for inspection purpose.

  • Suspicious source of ingredients such as raw materials, processed materials or additives must be proven by a Halal certificate from a recognized Islamic Body.

  • Preparation and handling of raw material and ingredients must meet halal standards, hygiene and safety as required.

  • Supply of chicken/duck or animals of the same kind must be sourced from a duly halal certified slaughter house.

  • Sales of alcohol and of the same kind is prohibited.

  • Tools and appliances must be cleaned every time before and after they are being used. They can only be used for Halal food cooking.

  • All tools and goods are arranged in a neat, clean and safe manner

  • Every worker is encouraged to undergo Food serving and Halal training.

  • Safety and cleanliness measures must be complied with.

  • Storage of raw materials and finished product before or after the cooking must be maintained at satisfactory level in terms of cleanliness and safety.

  • There must be a separated storage for wet and dried raw materials and the raw materials must be properly arranged.

  • Transportation is used for Halal product only.

  • Everything which is related to the food handling (goods, stove, tools, storage, and packaging) must be for Halal only.

Standard Norms for Outlet at Hotel

The attention for inspections is given to the following areas:

  • In addition to general conditions prescribed for food premises;

  • The inspection and certification process must be carried out in the hotel kitchen only.

  • The availability of two (2) full times Muslim cooks working in the kitchen.

  • All cutleries must be for Halal only.

  • Only halal product is prepared in the Halal kitchen.

  • Any non halal or suspicious ingredients or raw material are not used for all kind of dishes like Western and Chinese food;

  • Kitchen for Halal food is separated from the non-Halal kitchen and they are not accessible to each other.

  • Same Staff are not allowed to enter both Halal and non-Halal kitchen.

  • Wine and any item of the same kind are strictly prohibited in the Halal kitchen.