Halal - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Halal Food Authority have Muslim Slaughterman/men performing slaughter?

    Ans:- Yes, licensed Muslim Slaughterman/men are present at the slaughtering stations, all slaughter is done by Muslim hands whilst Bismillahi-Allahu Akbar is recited.

  2. Does HFA accept mechanical slaughter?

    Ans:- As of 3rd March 2014, the HFA has abandoned the use of mechanical slaughter. For further details on this please see our press release on the matter here..

  3. Does Halal Food Authority allow stunning of birds and animals?

    Ans:- Yes, however, one has to be reminded that HFA has always maintained “no stunning to kill”.

    • Captive Bolt Stunning – proscribed – prohibited
    • Percussion Stunning – proscribed – prohibited (although above procedures for cattle are allowed by some Ulema’s in Africa & Germany)
    • Gas Stunning – proscribed – prohibited (although Turkish Ulema’s have approved this method for pre-slaughtering of chicken)
    • Halal Food Authority allows controlled electric stun-with-minuscule amperage, with official Veterinary Surgeon validating that the animal or the birds do not die prior to slaughtering.

    There are two types of electric stunning that Halal Food Authority approves:

    • Water-bath Stun – for Poultry
    • Electric-Tong Stun – for Ovine meat
  4. Does HFA approve/allow slaughtering whilst Shahada is played on tape recorder in the back ground?

    Ans:- The answer is emphatically ‘no’.  All slaughter is done by Muslims by hand reciting Bismillahi Allahu Akbar

  5. Does HFA allow any one of other faiths to do halal slaughtering in Halal Food Authority approved slaughterhouse/s?

    Ans:- Answer is No – although the Book of Fiqh and Fatawas permits non-Muslims to do halal slaughtering. HFA believes that their Ni’yat – Intention for rendition of Shahada would not be the same as of a Muslim. Halal Food Authority in fact insists that Muslim Slaughterman/men in slaughter houses should be trained and licensed by the MHS. HFA approved slaughterhouses always have, even in automated plants, Muslim Slaughterman/men.

  6. How does Halal Food Authority approve Muslim Slaughterman/men? Does HFA licence them? Does HFA employ Slaughterman/men?

    Ans:-HFA approves and validates on declaration by

    • The applicant of them being performing Muslims. Believers in Eiman, Salat, Saum, Zakat and Hajj. Additionally that they believe Mohammed (SAW) to be the last prophet.
    • Successful candidates are licensed by the Meat Hygiene Services, York, through the official Veterinary Surgeon or his/her representatives.
    • HFA does not employ Slaughterman/men, However, they are responsible to HFA and are deployed to be HFA eyes and ears – the resident inspectors for HFA.
  7. Does HFA rules require slaughtering facing Qibla?

    Ans:- Yes, notwithstanding that slaughterhouses in the UK had been constructed on orientation of light etc. HFA would surely insist for future constructions to be Islamically inclined to observe this edict.

  8. Does animal/bird hear the Shahada or Tasmiya recited by the Slaughterman/men at slaughtering station?

    Ans:- Books of Fatawas, does not make it mandatory. One should be mindful that the decibels in modern plant are so high that at times even the Slaughterman has to wear the earplugs. Ni’at or intention of slaughterer to slaughter in the name of Allah is compulsory and necessary – after all we are borrowing one from His flocks for our sustaining, consumption & nourishment.