Certification General

The certification procedure is structured as follows:

  • Contacting via telephone or email;

  • Filling in the ‘Application form’ that is available at the website page;

  • Submission of the cost quotation form for Halal certification in compliance with the HICO (Halal Quality System);

  • Customer's approval and undersign to put into effect the certification procedure;

  • Acquisition of the production process technical and safety control records;

  • Feasibility study about the Halal certification;

  • Documentation audit of the requested records to be carried out in our branches;

  • Assessment audit by HICO-qualified auditors to be carried out in the production site;

  • Correction of any possible lack, shortage or critical situation detected;

  • Certification resolution after the approval of the audit team report;

  • Issue of HICO compliance certificate.