About Us

About Us

Halal International Certification Organization (HICO) has a very clear mission of offering a concrete answer to the needs of a globally integrated Halal market, in order to apply uniform quality standards on an international level, in certification and then in market control. The choice to set up an independent, non-governmental authority is the result of a vast experience gained in the Halal context.

Halal International Certification Organization (HICO), in fact, not only deals with the issue of Halal certification, but also with the development, monitoring and promotion of the global Halal market. Other important goals are to organize social and cultural activities and initiatives aimed at urging the protection of Muslim consumers and assuring Islamic legal and technical training of all operators in the Halal market, including Government Agencies, Public Administrations, manufacturers, trade associations, Trading Companies & Advisors.

Halal International Certification Organization (HICO) pursues its objectives and missions through internal departments and through local and international non-profit organizations supported by HICO itself.

Halal International Certification Organization (HICO) has been working all over the field constantly and aims at achieving a truly strategic end: to clarify in a definitive way, the issue of Halal certification that may still be ambiguous or cloudy in various parts of the world. Yet, despite the efforts made so far, it is not rare to find inconsistencies and irregularities in the systems of certifications issued by entities that often lack an official international accreditation.

For this reason, Halal International Certification Organization (HICO) wants to build an integrated system that has, as its starting point, a fluid and efficient mechanism of communication among operators in different sectors of the Halal market and then create a protocol able to standardize the Halal certification procedures transversely along the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the complex system of imports, without neglecting any link in the complex chains of the other sectors.