Arabic Definitions

  • Halal: Means permissible in the Arabic language

  • Halal Auditor, Inspector, Supervisor: These terms are used here interchangeably

  • Halal Food: Food permitted according to the Sharia (Islamic Law)

  • Haram: Forbidden, including the categories of:

  • 1. Carrion or dead (unslaughtered carcasses)

  • 2. Flowing Blood

  • 3. Swine

  • 4. Intoxicants including Alcohol

  • Makrooh: Disliked, detested or discouraged

  • Mashbooh: Suspect, in doubt or questionable

  • Mathhab: School of thought in Islam

  • Najs: Filth, including things that are themselves not permissible such as pigs and its derivatives, blood and carrion; fluids or objects discharged from the human or animals’ bodies such as urine, excrements, blood, vomit and pus.

  • Tasmiya & Takbir: Bismillah Allahu Akbar, which means by the name of God, the Greatest.

  • Dhabiha: Dhabiha in Arabic which means slaughtered with a sharp instrument